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Welcome to Reclaiming Ritual! Ceremony can be a powerful way of honoring the important moments in your life, surrounded by the warmth of friends, family, and community. It can also be a way to feel grounded in your cultural roots and connected with your heritage. The most common ceremonies in our culture are baby welcoming rituals, coming of age, weddings, and funerals, but I believe there are so many more milestones that deserve to be commemorated.

Who am I?

I am Shira Collings, a Certified Lifecycle Ceremony Officiant through the International Institute of Secular Humanistic Judaism. I have training in Jewish lifecycle traditions and providing guidance around life transitions. Additionally, I am a psychotherapist specializing in neurodiversity affirming, LGBTQ+ affirming, and fat affirming eating disorder care, as well as a Certified Miscarriage and Bereavement Doula.

I myself am proudly queer, neurodivergent, in recovery from disordered eating, and a diet culture dropout. I have also felt the pain and devastation of recurrent pregnancy loss. I know personally how lonely these experiences can be and how difficult it can be to find spaces that embrace all of our identities. I am passionate about supporting others in using ritual to transform experiences that are often isolating or unrecognized into opportunities for connection to our community.

Ceremonies we can build together

I’d love to support you in defining and honoring the important moments in your life. My ceremonies can include Jewish elements but are open to people of all backgrounds. Some milestones that I would love to honor with a ceremony include:

Relationship/Family Transitions

•Forming chosen family
•Commitment to a relationship
•Choosing to be single
•Deciding to be childfree
•Pregnancy loss
•Baby naming ceremonies honoring infertility and loss as part of the parents’ journey


•Gender transition
•Coming out
•Name change
•Finding LGBTQ+ community

Home Related Milestones

•New home blessing
•Saying goodbye to a home
•Hanging your first piece of artwork
•Home renovations

Health & Disability

•Recovery from addiction, mental health concerns, trauma, and/or physical illness
•Self-discovery as neurodivergent
•Rejection of diet culture/embracing fatness
•Preparing for or healing from surgery

Educational & Professional Milestones

•Certification or licensure in your profession
•Starting a new job
•Leaving a job or educational setting that is not a good fit


•Pet adoption
•Pet loss
•Meow and Bark Mitzvot (pet coming of age)
•Welcoming and saying goodbye to foster pets

Your Ritual Here

What do you feel there should be a ritual for? I'd love to create a ceremony for any occasion that is meaningful to you.
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